Decorative Stars

Author: Tom Gates HQ
Date: April 2022


Author, Illustrator & Creator, Liz Pichon

Liz Pichon gives us her book fans’ reaction to the TV series and gives us a taste for what is in store for Tom in 2022 both on and off screen

Are you excited to be doing a second series of The Brilliant World of Tom Gates?

“I was SO excited! I was able to start doing live events again this year, so it gave me the chance to hear from the kids what they think of the TV series, and they love it!”

How have people reacted to the first series?

“I’ve had lots of really great comments. The kids are really enjoying the songs which is great to hear as well.”

What can we expect from Series 2?

“Slightly longer animation episodes, more FABULOUSLY catchy songs that will get into your head, lots of drawing and doodling from me as well as some excellent makes.”

Has the series introduced the books to a new audience?

“I have no idea, I’d hope so! If I was a kid watching the show I’d want to start reading the books and finding out more about the characters too.”

Series 1 won a Scottish BAFTA award. How does that make you feel?

“PROUD! I’m so pleased for everyone who works on the show too. It was in the ENTERTAINMENT category too, which is extra special.”

Do you get recognised more often now that you are on TV? 

“Not so far. If I’m at a book event then the kids recognise me. Although some people still think it’s Tom Gates who writes the books. Although the other day, a taxi driver in London said “Are you an author?” Turned out he’d brought his kids to one of my events where we had the live band on tour.”

Apart from the TV series, can you let us know what else will be happening within the World of Tom gates in 2022?

“So many exciting things! I’m working on the first ever activity book, You Can Draw Tom Gates with Liz Pichon, which is out in March.  Ten Tremendous Tales is out in paperback in JAN. I’ll also be writing and drawing BOOK 20 in the series which will be out in October. I’m sure there will be plenty of other things going on too – there’s never a dull moment.”

Author: Tom Gates HQ
Date: April 2022