The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Tom Gates is a boy who is more focused on doodling and biscuits than his school work. His life is full of beady eyed teachers like Mr. Fullerman, his school friends, the annoying Marcus Meldrew and grumpy sister Delia!

See Tom and his brilliant world come to life in The Brilliant World of Tom Gates, his very own TV show! All three series, and our Christmas and Halloween specials are available to watch in full on Sky Kids and NOW, both on demand, and on the linear channel, and for a sneak peek at some of the episodes, check out our YouTube Channel!

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Singing Cat: Tom tries to stay awake in class after being kept up all night by a singing cat! Liz shows you how to draw Rooster the dog. (S1, ep 1)

My Very Own Pet: Tom really wants his very own pet and he's got a very long list of animals to sing about. (S1, ep 2)

School Dinner Blues: Tom wants to win a star pupil badge, but his poem goes down badly. What will Liz find in the box? (S1, ep 3)

School Assembly: Tom Gates gets his whole class chanting for their favourite school dinner treat... chips! (S1, ep 4)

The Biscuit Song: Tom accidentally volunteers to clean up the dinner hall. Liz draws an enormous caramel wafer. (S1, ep 5)

Book Week: Tom has to improvise when he forgets his costume for book week. Tom shows you how to make a Tom Gates mini book. (S1, ep 6)

We Are One: Tom's class show off their incredible skills in a talent show. Liz shows you how to draw Tom and all his classmates. (S1, ep 7)

Leafy Green Bingo: Will Tom find a way to have fun at the Leafy Green Old Folks home? (S1, ep 8)

Delia's a Weirdo: Tom's big sister Delia is annoying in so many ways. Tom shows you a cool trick with a caramel wafer. (S1, ep 9)

Dog Show: Tom and Derek try to get Rooster clean in time for a dog show. Liz shows you how to draw an invisible doodle. (S1, ep 10)

What You Gonna Do: A pesky fly takes a buzz around Tom’s world. Tom shows you how to make a woolly monster. (S1, ep 11)

Fresh Air: Tom is on a hike for some fresh air but he’s dreaming of snacks! Liz shows us how to doodle on a welly boot. (S1, ep 12)

Shout It Out: Tom, Marcus and Brad gets lost in the nature reserve. Liz shows you how to draw a Tom Gates big poster doodle. (S1, ep 13)

PE Lesson: Tom’s teacher Mr Fullerman makes a truly epic mess. Tom shows you how to make a game of monster skittles. (S1, ep 14)

Dog Zombies Rule for Now: Tom, Norman and Derek try to write a new song for their band. Liz shows you how to draw a totally Tom Gates t-shirt. (S1, ep15)

Parents Evening: Tom’s art homework is about to get him in trouble at parents evening. Liz shows you how to draw a Tom Gates comic. (S1, ep 16)

Nice Cup of Tea: Tom and Derek are desperate for cake but Mr Fingle keeps playing his old records. Liz shows you how to doodle on a cake. (S1, ep17)

Great British Summer: Tom’s dad has a barbeque and brings out the bad weather. Liz shows you how to draw a surfing bug. (S1, ep 18)

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Tom is not too happy when Marcus makes up his own rules for their game. Liz shows you how to turn a paperclip into an epic doodle.  (S1, ep 19)

Tell It Like It Is: Tom and Derek can’t find the tickets to the coolest gig ever. Liz shows you how to draw a poster for a rock band. (S1, ep 20)

Clear Out: Tom is worried because his parents are having a big clear out and they always get rid of his favourite stuff. The Fossils take Tom to the park for ice cream and buy him what he thinks is HIS vuvuzela back from a charity shop. Liz shows us how to doodle a Bug Jigsaw and we play the Seeing Double game! (S2, ep 1)

Mark Clump’s Hamster: Tom looks after Mark Clump’s hamster, Marble. But Delia is allergic so he has to keep it a secret. Marble is too sleepy to play, then she keeps Tom up all night and goes missing in the morning! Can Tom find the missing hamster? We make cotton wool creatures and Liz shows us how to doodle a disco hamster! (S2, ep 2)

School Photo: Tom's school photos are always a disaster, so this time he is determined to look his best. But when he hears that the photo has been cancelled he gets very messy in art class! Then he finds out the photo shoot is going ahead after all! We sing the Photograph song and make an awesome Tom Gates picture frame. (S2, ep 3)

Walk in the Park: Tom goes for a walk with Uncle Kevin, Auntie Alice and the cousins. When they get lost in the woods, a trail of Granny Mavis’ chocolate-covered-peas save the day. We make a Monster Bird Feeder, Liz shows us how to doodle a bug with an umbrella and we sing Walk in the Park. (S2, ep 4)

Snack Hunt: Mum’s been shopping and that means NEW SNACKS! Luckily, Tom knows his Mum’s top 5 snack hiding places. But Mum has a new place to stash the snacks and it’s the last place Tom would ever think to look… We play Find The Wafer game and check out Tom’s caramel wafer trick. (S2, ep 5)

Haircut: After school, Tom is going to the barbers for the first time ever. He’s nervous but nothing can be worse than one of Mum or Dad’s dodgy haircuts. Can it? Then he finds out he’s off to the salon with Granny Mavis! Make you our own Tom Gates hairstyle changer and sing along to the Haircut song. (S2, ep 6)

Epic Election: It’s school council election day for class 5F. Tom isn’t interested in running for class rep but Marcus Meldrew says he’ll BAN DOODLING if he is elected. Tom has no choice but to try and win everyone’s vote! Liz shows us how to doodle a Tom Gates poster and we make some awesome clay badges. (S2, ep 7)

Champ Champ: Amy is cross with Tom because they waited ages to play Champ at break time and then Tom accidentally got her out. Tom hopes to make amends with another game at the next break but will he get nervous and mess up again? Liz shows us how to doodle a Tom Gates-style Champ T-Shirt and we get down to the Champ Rap. (S2, ep 8)

Indrani’s Party: It’s Indrani’s birthday party! And she’s going to Farm-a-Llama Land! There’s only one problem. Everyone seems to be invited… except Tom! Liz shows us how to doodle a lovely Llama and we make some Tom Gates-wrapping paper. Will Tom make it to Indrani’s party after all? (S2, ep 9)

Are We Nearly There Yet: Tom’s family are off on a long car journey, but Tom has left his snacks and doodling kit at home! How will Tom keep everyone entertained when they are stuck in traffic? Liz shows us how to doodle car full of creatures, we make some awesome vehicles on sticks and sing along to Are We Nearly There Yet. (S2, ep 10)

Christmas day at Tom’s is a DISASTER! Dad forgot to defrost the turkey and buy crackers, Uncle Kevin is complaining and the TV remote is in the washing machine! Will Tom’s homemade crackers and surprise guests be enough to save the day? We make Christmas crackers and play Spot The Elf On The Shelf!

THE SCHOOL DINNER BLUES - DogZombies: Tom Gates gets his whole class chanting for their favourite school dinner treat… Chips!

WE ARE ONE - Dude 3: Get your hands in the air and sing-long with Dude 3, the coolest band in the world.

THE BISCUIT SONG - DogZombies: Tom and his band have got a tasty song for you to sing along to because everyone loves a good biscuit.

DELIA’S A WEIRDO - DogZombies: Tom might think his big sister Delia is a weirdo but it turns out she’s pretty rock and roll.

NICE CUP OF TEA - Teacup Tony and the Saucers: Grab a slice of cake and sing-along to an absolute classic. It’s Nice Cup of Tea.

SHOUT IT OUT - Dude 3: A school bus sing-along to drive any teacher round the bend. Get ready to Shout It Out!

DOG ZOMBIES RULE (FOR NOW) - DogZombies: Being in a band is awesome but it takes dedication to be a really rocking Dog Zombie.

WHAT YOU GONNA DO? - Plastic Cup: The coolest fly in town is gonna get the crowd buzzing with this totally groovy hit.

THE GREAT BRITISH SUMMER - Recycled Plastic Cup: Rain or shine Tom can’t help but move to the beat of the Great British Summer.

TELL IT LIKE IT IS - Dude 3: Will Tom, Derek and Rooster  find their tickets to see their favourite band, the mighty Dude 3?

SKETCH: Tom and friends have started a new craze, it's the ultimate tune to doodle to. Let’s Sketch It!

MY VERY OWN PET: Tom really wants his very own pet and he’s got a very long list of animals to sing about.

THE CAT SONG - DogZombies: Tom and his band have got the purr-fect song for all you cat lovers out there.

A Monster Halloween 

In this dead funny special, Tom and his friends have been planning their activities for the spookiest night of the year for months.  The monster costumes are looking scary and expectations for a good haul of sweets and caramel wafers are high.  But events take a decidedly ghoulish turn when there appear to be three big groups of monsters trick or treating and one of them seems to be clearing out all the treats before anyone else – there’s not a caramel wafer in sight!  

A chance meeting with gamer DanTDM, whose spooktastic van has broken down on the way to a special Halloween event, sees the YouTuber join Tom’s gang for a spot of trick or treating.  As the treats continue to disappear, can DanTDM use all his gaming knowledge to work out what’s going on and ensure Tom and his friends have the Halloween they’ve been looking forward to?

DanTDM said:  “I am really excited about playing an animated version of myself in The Brilliant World of Tom Gates: A Monster Halloween special. I really love Liz Pichon's style and can't wait for everyone to see my monster outfit! I have had great fun playing the Tom Gates game and am really pleased that I am going to be a small and permanent part of Tom’s world.”

Series 3