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Author: Tom Gates HQ
Date: April 2022


The Voice of Tom Gates, Logan Matthews

Logan Matthews voices Tom Gates for a second time and would love to challenge his character to a game of golf and rock out with Tom on stage

Are you excited to be doing a second series of The Brilliant World of Tom Gates?

“Absolutely!! I love being the voice of Tom and to get to do another series is just a dream.”

Were you pleased with the reaction to Series 1?  

“Oh yes!! Loads of my friends and family said they thought it was brilliant, and really helped them have fun during the lockdown by copying Liz’s doodles and activities.”

How did your friends react?

“I got a pat on the back from one of my best mates who said “Well done mate” which meant a lot. And loads of people at school thought it was really cool too. One of my friend’s friends didn’t believe her when she said she knew the voice of Tom Gates, so I did a video call with them which made them smile in shock!! That was pretty cool.”

What can we expect from Tom in Series 2?

“Tom and his mates getting up to more mischief, and his sister Delia still being annoying!! Plus Liz has got some awesome “Draw-Its!’” and “Play-Its” for people to join in with too.”

We know you love golf as well as acting. Who do you think would win if you played a round of golf with Tom?

“Ha! I have to say, I reckon I’d beat Tom (sorry mate!) I’ve been playing since I was 5 years old, so I’ve got an advantage!”

Has anyone recognised your voice as the voice of Tom?

“My little sister is only 2 years old and whenever it’s on the telly she points and says “GaGa” (she can’t say “Logan” properly, so that’s what she calls me). Bless her, she gets a bit confused.”

You also appeared in School of Rock last year. Do you think Tom would be jealous of your role?

“Nah… Tom would be an awesome mate about it, and would be rocking out with me and singing the songs too. That’s why everyone loves Tom, because he’s an awesome dude and supportive friend.”

Author: Tom Gates HQ
Date: April 2022